PongHeroes – Best Blockchain Game

PongHeroes – Best Blockchain Game

PongHeroes’ mission is to re-introduce the legendary first game ever to the blockchain.

We aspire to become the top web3 mobile game on web2 that’s fun even without earning. Our innovative technology will enable seamless onboarding without a web3 wallet for non-crypto users as well as crypto-savvy folk.

Pong Heroes is inspired by the legendary first game ever. Pong is a hyper-casual, fast-paced, Win2Earn, Free2Play skill-driven competitive multiplayer PONG game, aiming for real sustainability in the web3 gaming space.

Now to state the obvious about playing PONG Heroes – the main goal of the game is not to let the ball through your side and by doing so you have to be faster than your opponen

That’s pretty much it – very simple. In order to make the gameplay more intriguing, the ball gets faster over a period of time. Some maps have moving some obstacles to enhance the importance of skill. It is specifically designed to make the gameplay as intriguing as possible. Pong Heroes focuses heavily on user experience.

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PongHeroes – Best Blockchain Game

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