MetaFire- Best Play To Earn Game

MetaFire- Best Play To Earn Game

Every game in MetaFire can have up to 8 players concurrently. When a player joins the game using wallet the wallet address acts as unique identity for the player. Unless a game code is provided the player is randomly added to any game that has less than 8 players.

When a player starts their own game, a game code is embedded in URL and sharing the link helps any other player to join that specific game to play it in P2P mode.

All games have a default length of 04:00 minutes. When timer ends, rewards are given in proportion of kill count. There is unlimited re-spawns for players until the timer ends.

Due to its skill-based, competitive nature, the game is a good fit for competitive play. We believe this is a critical aspect for future growth and we have seen how engaged the players become when there is money on the line.

Players can earn thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency with decent gameplay skills.

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MetaFire- Best Play To Earn Game

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